Monday, December 6, 2010

Skirt of the Month: Long, Leather Skirt!

With the cooler season approaching, I thought I would highlight a perfect skirt for the season. Long, leather skirts are elegant, stylish and very comfortable. I mostly wear light fabrics for contra dancing, but this long, leather skirt is wonderful for a cool, winter day.

This skirt looks great paired with a nice sweater and perhaps some boots. As a guy, it took me a little while to taking smaller steps in this, but I have gotten used to it after awhile.

I hope to get the confidence to wear it to a party or concert some day, but for now, I'll just wear it around the house.

Skirty’s Pep Talk

Guys wearing skirts is not so unusual as some may think.

I created this blog earlier this year to help build confidence and to show that more guys are wearing skirts today. Many of them are showing up at Contra Dances in skirts. There are usually a couple of guys wearing skirts and kilts these days at most Contra Dances in North America.

If you look at some of the video posts on the bog, you’ll find a large range of colors, styles and lengths of skirts that the guys are wearing. Most of the dancers are usually open-minded and sometimes even will complement guys on their skirts. I was nervous about wearing a long skirt to my first dance, but soon found the biggest barrier was in my mind.

I began wearing kilts years ago and was amazed at how comfortable they were. Later, a friend convinced me to wear a long skirt for Halloween and I’ve been wearing them ever since. I wear them for comfort and because I don’t like to feel restricted by the limited color choice and styles in pants.

It has been well documented that men have been wearing skirts/dresses/tunics for hundreds of years. In many countries around the world, skirts are still worn by men today such as sarongs, etc.

I purchased my first skirts at thrift stores and it took me a long time to wear them outside the house. A number of friends have been encouraging for me to wear my skirts more often. I built my confidence up slowly and have really enjoyed wearing them at Contra Dances, where I can spin and twirl my skirts. While I’m usually skirted at home, I’m cautious about where I wear my skirts and make sure that it is somewhere I am comfortable with.

I hope that this blog inspires many to try a skirt. I’m glad I have and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Holiday Wish List: Purple Broomstick Skirt

This skirt is at the top of my holiday wish list. I love the purple color and think this will be fabulous for contra dancing. A color so vibrant as this will definitely make a person stand out at a dance. These type of skirts are so comfortable and excellent for spinning and twirling at a contra dance. The elastic waist makes it fit most everyone. The first skirt I wore out to party was a broomstick skirt like this, but in black. I received complements all night (and a lot of questions :) )

Which skirt is on your holiday wish list?

Contra Dancing in Skirts

Long, flowing skirts are the best for Contra Dancing. They are comfortable and a lot of fun to dance in.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Skirts aren't just for Halloween Anymore...

Halloween is a great time to try on a skirt for the first time, but guys in skirts at Contra Dances are happening all year round like in this video. You'll usually see a couple of guys in skirts at any Contra Dance. Try the comfort and coolness of a long, flowing skirt and you'll never want to go back to pants.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Skirts are More Fun to Dance in than Pants

Another Contra Dance, and a another good reason to wear a long, flowy skirt!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Skirt Find at the Thrift Store

OMG! My skirted friends, I just picked up this wonderful, tiered skirt at a thrift store for a couple dollars. It is a scarlet color and ankle length. I just love the style and fabric of this skirt. I can't wait to debut it at a Contra Dance!

It's been awhile since I've been thrift shopping, but you can pick up a great bargain on skirts sometimes. This is a great skirt for dancing or just for relaxing around the house. For cooler nights, try a pair of cotton leggings underneath.

I showed this skirt to a friend of mine, and she already asked to borrow it.

You Know You're A Contra Dancer If...

- If you're a male who owns his own flowy skirt!

- You know you’re a contradancer if you GYPSY the broom

- Seeing strait men in skirts seems perfectly normal.

- You see someone on the street with a spinny skirt, and presume that you know them from contra dancing.

See more on Facebook.

Monday, August 9, 2010

My New Purse from the Michael Kors Collection

As I mentioned before, a handbag is a must if you wear skirts on a regular basis. I need somewhere to keep my keys, wallet, cell phone and other electronics. A handbag is the perfect place for everything so I don't have to keep everything in my pockets. I started carrying a purse awhile ago while wearing skirts, but now carry a purse even if I am not skirted. They are very practical and most importantly, stylish. My favorite designers and brands are Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton and Coach.

I just love my Michael Kors Uptown Astor Shoulder tote. It has golden hardware, top handles, shoulder strap with rings and chain detail, and a hanging logo charm. The size is 12"H x 15 1/2"W x 5"D. I also love the studded detail across the center and being able to wear it over the shoulder.

Fashion Tip: Wearing a Skirt over pants or leggings

I think the first time I saw this style was Madonna in her "Lucky Star" video years ago. This style has come back in recent years and it is more common to see people with skirts worn over pants or leggings. To me, it is a classic look.

I like to wear a black skirt over jeans sometimes, which I think makes a great outfit. A kilt also looks great over jeans as well. I recommend using skinny jeans or pants. You can also try to pair a brightly colored skirt over black pants. When cooler weather comes, I usually wear leggings under my skirt, no matter if it is knee-length or ankle length.

Another item you can wear is a extra long sweater over leggings, which makes a comfy outfit for lounging around the house on cooler days. Anyway you pair them, skirts over pants has made a comeback in the fashion world.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Skirt of the Month: Broomstick Skirt

Here is one of my personal favorites - the Broomstick Skirt! These come in many different colors and style. This is a great skirt for Contra Dancing or just lounging around the house. They are also sometimes known as "gypsy" skirts.

The fabric is very breezy and the waists are usually elastic for an easy fit. Broomstick skirts usually have a "crinkly" feel to them and bellow out when spinning. These skirts are made for dancing. They are designed so that you can grab the fabric and make dramatic, sweeping motions with the skirt (think Stevie Nicks). They usually are ankle-length or a little longer so you may have to pull up the hem slightly when going up stairs.

I've got a number of broomstick skirts in different colors. They can be worn all summer or paired up with leggings during the cooler months. They are great for a casual look but can be dressed up a bit as well. I have a red broomstick skirt like in the picture but usually wear my black one, which goes with most everything. These skirts are some of the most comfortable skirts I've ever worn and are highly recommended for comfort and style.

Put on a Skirt and Get on the Dance Floor

Contra Dancing is always more fun twirling and spinning in a skirt!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Picking the Right Skirt for a Contra Dance

I think there may be more skirted guys in this video than the women. Check out the variety of skirts - from knee-length to ankle-length. I've worn skirts of all different colors and styles to Contra Dances, but always prefer ankle-length because of the flow. I usually wear long, three-tiered cotton skirts or broomstick skirts. Some guys prefer kilts while others like skirts with floral patterns - it's up to you how you want to express yourself. Skirts aren't for everyone, but usually there are a couple of skirted guys at a Contra Dance. The important thing is to find a skirt you feel comfortable in and have fun!

Wearing a Purse with My Skirt

One thing you find out quickly if you begin wearing skirts - you need a purse! I mean seriously, where are you going to put your wallet, cell phone, I-Pod, etc. while at a contra dance, party or a festival?

I've slowly built a small collection of handbags starting with leather, messenger bags. I found them very comfortable and stylish and soon began wearing them with my pants as well as my skirts. Now, it natural for me to grab my purse every time I go out.

I love this Coach handbag pictured. You can wear it crossbody or over the shoulder. You can also carry it as a tote. There is plenty of room inside for all of your things and it will go with any color or style of skirt. I love shopping and I've been wearing handbags for about a year now. I have received many positive compliments like "cute bag" from women.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Skirts are more fun at a Contra Dance

Skirt wearing guys are pretty common at Contra Dances. It's a lot of fun to wear a long, flowing skirt to one of these dances and spend the night twirling around. I usually get a lot of complements from the women like "nice skirt." Check out this video of a contra dance with a number of guys in skirts.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shakira on American Idol: "I recommended him to wear a skirt, but he refused."

Shakira looked stunning and gorgeous in her long, red peasant skirt during a recent appearance on American Idol. She sang "Gypsy" with Rascal Flatts and showed how to really work a skirt in true flamenco style. Afterward in the video, Ryan Seacrest asks Rascal Flatts what it was like to "move his hips" with her. Then Shakira interrupts and says,"I recommended him to wear a skirt, but he refused." Ryan adds, "I'm sure he has one." I'm sure they were both kidding around in good fun, but it was awesome just the same. Enjoy the video!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Having Fun Dancing in a Skirt

Another dance, another bunch of guys having fun in skirts. Check out the mixture of interesting skirts these guys are wearing in this Contra Dance Video.

Interview with Skirt Wearing Contra Dancer

Here is a fun link to an interview with a gent about wearing skirts to Contra Dances in Buffalo, NY - everything from skirt length to accessories is answered here.

Here is a sample:
  1. So why do you wear a skirt?

  2. (a) Why should girls have all of the fun?
    (b) Why do women wear slacks?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Skirts Are More Comfortable Than Pants...

In the Contra Dance Wiki article -" guys in skirts" are mentioned...

"At most dances, no special outfits are worn, but "peasant skirts" or other full, lightweight skirts are popular, as these have a very pretty effect when swinging or twirling and some dancers —including some men— find them more comfortable to dance in than pants."

For the whole intro to Contra Dancing, click here.

Skirting The Night Away At A Contra Dance

A handful of guys in skirts in another awesome Contra Dance video.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

H & M Introduces A Men's Skirt In Their Spring 2010 Collection

H & M stores are introducing a Men's Skirt in their Spring 2010 fashion line. The photos show a pleated black skirt that looks rather comfy. I'm not sure of the cost but I will keep a lookout in the stores and find out if they are also including the leggings as pictured.

It's great to see one retail store stepping forward and offering an alternative to the dull world of khakis and jean for men. Now it's time for the other stores to move forward with this fashion trend and offer more alternatives.

Check out this link for more info.

Men's Skirt Day is May 15th - Get Your Skirt On

May 15th is Men's Skirt Day!

Men's Skirt Day is coming up... It's time to show off our skirts, kilts and sarongs and just say no to "trouser tyranny." I'm looking through my skirts to find the perfect skirt for this awesome day. It's time to show off our skirts with pride!

Here is a quote from the Men's Skirt Day Facebook Page:

"I therefore propose that to fight for our rights, Saturday 15th May will be Men's Skirt Day! Wear your favourite kilt/sarong/skirt with pride and reclaim our rights!"

Read more at the Facebook group

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hot Places to Skirt:: Goth Clubs

Goth clubs are an excellent place for guys to wear skirts. My first time I went to a Goth club, I was fascinated by both the clothing and the dark music. I noted immediately that men and women really went out of their way to dress up in all kinds of combinations of vinyl, leather and velvet fabrics - but almost always in black. Everyone there broke from tradition, and I loved it!

Right from the start, I noticed a number of guys in long, black skirts - some wearing eyeliner and lipstick. One guys was wearing an ankle-length vinyl skirt and the women wear literally crawling all over him. A couple of guys were wearing plaid skirts. Many women were wearing beautiful Victorian dresses or vinyl pants and looked gorgeous! The whole club had an atmosphere of openness and fashion freedom that I immediately wanted to become a part of.

The next time I went, was actually the first time I wore a skirt out in public, besides Halloween. I wore a long, black cotton skirt that a female friend bought for me. I was a bit nervous until I walked in the front door because the the guy checking IDs was wearing a black skirt too! Inside the club, there were a number of guys wearing skirts and even one in a black dress. I was so comfortable in my skirt, I stayed until closing. I received a number of compliments from female goths like "I like your skirt," etc. It really helped build confidence on my first night out. Over the years, I went to out to Goth clubs many times in a black skirt and had a wonderful experience. Goth Club are definitely a Hot Place to Skirt!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Skirting the Night Away at Another Contra Dance!

Lots of guys twirlin' in their skirts in this Contra Dance video at NEFFA.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Went to a Dinner Party in a Broomstick Skirt!

Dear readers and friends, I have to admit, even though I have worn skirts to concerts, festivals, etc. many times, I was a little nervous about this adventure. A female friend and some of her girlfriends were having a small, dinner party and invited me to attend.

I have not told my friend about my skirt wearing so I was a little reluctant to attend in a skirt, but decided to wear a skirt at the last moment. I decided on this new, turquoise broomstick skirt (see photo - BTW, those are not my feet :) that I just purchased. I carried along my Coach leather bag to hold my keys, cell phone, etc.

I was so nervous going to the doorway. My friend opened the door and her jaw nearly dropped to the floor. "Look at you in a skirt!" she half yelled/half laughed as her friends came running to the door. I got pulled inside and was turned around, pulled and tugged at until I started getting dizzy :).

I sat down at the table and soon found myself the center of attention for the rest of the evening (which I kind of enjoyed, actually). They asked me how many skirts I had, where I wore them, my favorite types - you name it - they asked me about it. Right about then, I noticed that out of the entire group (myself and four Ladies) I was the only one in a skirt! Maybe they had never seen a skirt before? :)

However the question I was asked most was simply "why?" and I explained for comfort. I was asked the same question so many times I guess they didn't believe my answer, but I repeated, "I feel very comfortable in a skirt, they are much more comfortable than pants."

We had a great conversation and they even gave me some skirt tips like smoothing out the skirt when I sat down. Before I left, my friend kidded me by asking if I wanted to borrow one of her skirts (she probably never wears them anyway :). But, yeah, it was a wonderful feeling to share my skirt wearing with my friends and I was a bit surprised on how quickly they seemed to accept it. They told me to come back in a skirt anytime...

More Guys in Skirts Contra Dancing

There may be a bunch of dust falling at this dance, but there are plenty of skirts in this video. I can't wait to put on my long skirt and go out Contra Dancing again!

FASHION JAPAN: Men Go For Skirts

"Japanese men are finally breaking through one of the few remaining fashion taboos: men wearing skirts and dresses."

Congrats to Japanese guys for taking a fashion step forward and putting on a skirt! I can relate to the comment about wrapping a shirt around the waist like a skirt. I used to do this all the time when I was young before I found the comfort of skirts...

Here is the rest of the article. Follow the link from
FASHION JAPAN: Men Go For Skirts

Skirt Count!

Men (and women) can have fun at Conta Dance by shouting "Skirt Count!" during "Hands Four" (two sets of partners circling around in circle). Skirts are counted and then shouted back - "3 Skirts! or "4 Skirts!," etc. These days, you'll probably see more skirts (on men and women) than anywhere else. The reason? Skirts are so much to twirl and spin with!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Count the Guys in Skirts!

Looks like a lot of fun! Count how many guys there are in skirts in this Contra Dance video from the Pigtown Fling in Cincinnati. Comment and let me know how many guys in skirts you find!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Men's Skirt Day - May 15th

Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 15th, which is the "unofficial" official Men's Skirt Day! A great time to show your pride in wearing a skirt. There is already a Men's Skirt group on Facebook and don't forget the awesome forum, where men and women discuss all types of topics of guys in skirts.

More info coming soon...

Carrying a Bag While Wearing a Skirt!

Welcome back friends! In this post, I'm going to write about an essential and stylish accessory for guys like us who wear skirts. It didn't take me long when I started wearing skirts to find that I had to get something to hold my stuff in when I go out, since none of my skirts have pockets. Call it a Man Bag, Murse, Handbag - what have you, I just call it "my bag."

Once I discovered the convenience of keeping all my "stuff" in one place (keys, cell phone, I-Pod, sunglasses, etc) I began carrying my bag even when I wasn't wearing a skirt. The Starbucks laptop culture has made bags pretty acceptable for men for a couple of years now. It is very common to see men wearing bags across the USA and most of Europe and Japan as well. They come in many different fabrics, sizes and styles - so you have to figure out which will work for you.

I have a couple bags right now but my favorite is a buttery-soft Coach leather shoulder bag. As a bonus for investing in a higher-end bag like Coach or Louis Vuitton - you WILL get nice compliments from fashionable ladies who recognize style and quality. I have had a number of ladies say "cute bag" or "LOVE that Coach Handbag!" while carrying my Coach bag.

But beware faithful readers - Bags are addictive and you may end up with a small collection before you know it. However, some of the higher-end bags can be purchased on sites like E-bay for a fraction of the cost.

I've got my eye right now on this bag from Club Monaco (see photo above) for a couple hundred bucks. I bet I can find one slightly used for much less. But what do you think? Like it or not? I think it is awesome!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Men in Skirts: A Contra Dance!

Here is a flyer for Country Dance New York of their "Men in Skirts: A Contra Dance." They state "see how much fun it is to dance in a skirt. Check out your twirling skirt as you do-si-do or swing your partner." Some Contra Dance organizations across the country are starting to have an occasional "Men in Skirts" dance to encourage men to try dancing in a skirt.

I posted about my recent experience wearing a three-tiered flowing skirt to a Contra Dance. It is so much fun to twirl and spin in a long skirt. I got smiles all around and plenty of partners to dance with.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Skirt of the Month!

The Long, Black Skirt

This long, black cotton skirt is a classic and one of my favorites that never seems to go out of style. I began wearing one of these to goth concerts and clubs years ago. A long, black skirt like this used to be the choice for many goth guys at concerts and clubs.

These skirts are soft and very comfortable to wear. I still wear one often just relaxing around the house. The skirt looks great with an oversize sweater and boots. A leather jacket also looks great with this skirt. A true classic - I'll always have at least one of these skirts in my wardrobe.

More Guys in Skirts Video at a Contra Dance

Here is another Contra Dance video from Maine. This is a good intro to Contra Dancing if you are not already familiar with it. Contra Dancing is a lot of fun and consists of lots of spins and twirls. Again, there are two or three guys who show how much fun it is to dance in a flowing skirt. Most of the guys match their outfits simply by pairing their skirt with a t-shirt.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Went to a Party in a Skirt!

Ok, so I decided to wear this long, black broomstick skirt to a friend's party the other day. I was nervous because a number of friends haven't seen me in a skirt yet, but I thought this would be a good time to express myself.

As I walked in the room, I could feel the eyes on me and a couple of smiles from the women. My first question from a friend was "what's with the skirt?" and I just replied that "it is comfortable" and "I enjoy wearing them." A couple other friends gathered and asked what seemed like a million questions. I just smiled and held my ground. I told them I wore a long, flowing skirt to a recent Contra Dance and really enjoyed it, especially the comfort and flow.

It took awhile, but people began to loosen up a bit and one or two friends said they thought I was brave and that the skirt was cool. I felt self-conscious walking around with the skirt but after awhile I also began to give it less thought. Then a number of women came around and started commenting on my skirt. One said I looked cute in it, which was great! Another asked me where I got my skirt from and she recommended a couple of stores that sell broomstick skirts. I was that surprised that I was one of the only people wearing a skirt at the party. There was one girl that wore plaid kilt-like skirt, but I think that was it. Almost EVERYONE was wearing pants!

Although it was a bit uncomfortable experience for me, I'm glad I did it and feel more confident about myself. Next time should be much easier. BTW, I brought along my leather Coach bag to carry all my stuff in since I didn't have any pockets. But no-one even commented on my bag!

Skirted Thought for the Day

Men having been wearing skirts for thousands of years, but only in the last couple of hundred years began wearing pants. Stretched over the course of history, men have wore skirts much longer than pants. And in many parts of the world, men still wear various types of skirts. So why not now? I know it isn't for everyone, but those who choose skirts should be able to wear them without any stigma attached.

Skirts are a Twirlin' in this Fun Contra Dance Video

Here is another video from the Brattleboro Contra Dance in Maine. You'll see lots of dancers having fun twirling around in their skirts, and that includes a couple of guys as well.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Men are Wearing Skirts in France!

Cool video about skirt wearing men and skirt fashion in France...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Welcome To Skirting Into The Future

This blog is all about fashion freedom. That means the freedom for men to wear the skirt or kilt of their choice. There are already many other excellent kilt and skirt blogs and websites on the internet. However, I wanted to offer my own experiences, opinions and support of men wearing kilts and skirts. Oh, I also don't try to take things too seriously, it's all about fun with fashion!

In addition to skirts,I will also feature other alternative clothing, accessories, etc. on this blog. I will be highlighting some of my favorite types of skirts regularly in the “Skirt of the Month” section. If you have a vote for “Skirt of the Month,” please let me know.

One reason for this blog, is the current growing popularity of men in skirts at contra dances. For me, this represents a positive trend of men opening up to the idea of wearing skirts. Skirts continue to be a popular fashion choice for some men at contra dances throughout the country which is very encouraging for a skirted future.

Most prefer long, swishy skirts in bright colors that billow out while they dance. The dancers as a group are usually very accepting of this style and even encourage men to bring along their skirts. Some even have vendors onsite to purchase a skirt at the dance.

I hope you enjoy “skirting into the future” and hope that you add your own comments and thoughts. If you have a kilt/skirt related blog or website, please let me know and I will try to add your link.

"That's a Dude Wearing a Skirt"

Check out this Contra Dance video from Maine - they actually point out a couple of guys in skirts with text commentary in the video.

My First Contra Dance In A Long, Tiered Skirt!

I went to the local Contra Dance last week wearing the long, tiered skirt pictured. Contra Dance is a form of English Dancing and consists of lines of partners and lots of twirling and spinning. Many websites encourage men to wear skirts so I decided to give it a try.

I have worn a kilt before, but this is the first time in a long, tiered skirt and I was just a wee bit nervous. The women collecting money at the front desk greeted me and said "cute skirt!" She really made my night and put me at ease. It's amazing how a couple of kind words can boost your confidence. As I entered the hall I received a lot of looks and a couple smiles. I sat down for a second and before I knew it I was soon up dancing the first of many songs.

It took a while to get use to skirt and not to trip on the hem, but I soon got the hang of it. Most of the dances have live bands which sound great and lots of fun to listen to. You just follow the Caller's instructions to contra dance.

I was the only guy in a skirt this time which actually turned to be a good thing, because I got special attention. At alot of dances, the guys in skirts are recognized as being great dancers so they have a pretty good reputation. Some of my partners commented "I like your skirt!" and I even had a short conversation while sitting out a dance with an older woman. She told me that it was wonderful to see a guy in a skirt and hoped that I would wear it every time.

It was a fun time with lots of great people, fantastic music and lots of skirt twirling. I can't wait till next time!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Manly Men Should Wear Skirts

Here is a great article by Susan Quilty about her support for guys who wear skirts. She is so awesome for opening a dialog with over 200 comments...

Manly Men Should Wear Skirts

Friday, March 26, 2010

Places to Skirt

Renaissance Festivals

Visiting Renaissance festivals were a great way for me to gain confidence and pride in my early skirt wearing. Renaissance festivals are held throughout the county, usually in early summer and in the outdoors. Some even have kilt vendors on the premises as well. Many of the festival performers can be seen strolling the grounds in kilts so this is a great way to blend in easily.

The first time I wore a kilt to a festival I got a lot of great compliments all over the place and turned a number of heads. I look forward to wearing a kilt every year to the Renaissance festival. It was so comfortable in the hot sun with a breezy kilt.

Scottish Festivals

Scottish festivals are a fabulous place to show off the kilt. Kilted families can be seen walking the fairgrounds with everyone sporting the same family tartan. This is a great place to browse the vendor booths for a variety of styles of kilts for sale.

Some men swapping pants for dresses | The Japan Times Online

Some men swapping pants for dresses | The Japan Times Online

Skirts and Contra Dancing

Contra dances are in some ways, “skirt heaven.” The dances are based on traditional English, Scottish and Irish dances and are danced as a group or community. Many of the women wear “peasant skirts,” which are usually tiered and billow out beautifully as they dance. This includes a number of men as well. Dances will sometimes have a "Men in Skirts" theme, but even on regular nights, the people who attend the dances are usually known to be open minded.

There is usually a good ratio of Men in Skirts at most Contra Dances. Although there are times when no guys are wearing skirts. The skirt of choice for men at most of the dances around the country seems to be an ankle length peasant or broomstick skirt. Most of the time, men choose skirts in bright colors such as purple or red, and some even go for a floral pattern. Some prefer to dance in kilts. I have visited a number of Contra Dancing websites that featured skirted dancers and they encourage men to bring along their skirt.

Some dance organizations hold dance weekend festivals where some men go skirted the entire time. How many wear them outside the dances remains to be seen, but at least they get to experience the freedom and comfort of a skirt while at the dance. Hopefully this will carry over into their everyday life. There are dances all around the country that happen on a regular basis and are a great opportunity to show off that new skirt. It is so much fun to twirl around in a long, tiered skirt!

Skirting at a Contra Dance

In this video, there are a number of guys wearing a variety of skirts while dancing.

Buying a Skirt for the First Time

Buying a skirt the first time for me was a bit nerve-wracking. A friend of mine really encouraged me to get myself into a skirt. She kept telling me how good I look in a skirt after wearing one on Halloween. So, one day I went to a Thrift Store and went straight to the skirt section looking for my first skirt.

I was amazed at the amount of styles and colors of the skirts on the rack. I finally picked out a red, plaid (kilt-like) skirt. I thought it was easier to begin with something that resembled a kilt, which seems to be more accepted than a regular skirt. Buying the skirt during Halloween made it even easier.

The hem reached just below the knees and it fastened on the side. It was different from a traditional kilt in that the pleats went all the way around the skirt. Kilts traditionally have a flat apron in the front and pleats in the back.

While ringing up, the only comment from the cashier was “nice skirt” which added to my confidence. The good thing about thrift stores is that if you get the wrong fit, you won’t drop a lot of money.

Now I make frequent visits to see what’s new on the racks. I have picked up a lot of really great looking broomstick sticks and long, black cotton skirts. Sure you get the occasional looks and comments but it is all worth it when you find a great bargain on a cute skirt.

Why a skirt?

As a guy, I guess the first question I am usually asked is, “Why a Skirt?” To be honest, I just feel that they are very comfortable and “breathable” for me than pants or shorts. I have heard women around me in my life saying they felt too restrictive in a skirt. However, I feel that is the exact opposite for me. To me, it is like finally opening the windows of hot car after many years and feeling the breeze cool you off as you speed down the highway. Pure comfort…

Besides, there are not many fashion choices for men. For pants, it’s usually jeans or khakis. Country or Western. Sometimes, I just really don’t feel like dressing exactly the same as everyone else and enjoy having some fun taking liberties with fashion. The amount of styles of kilts and skirts is mindboggling (to say the least) and you could probably wear a different style everyday for the rest of your life and never repeat the same kilt/skirt.

I grew up with a sweater or jacket tied around my waist most of my youth. Very few days passed when I didn’t have a sweater tied loosely around my waist. Even then, I would get the occasional “nice skirt” comment from girls. Then, a friend of mine encouraged me to wear a skirt for the first time during Halloween and I have enjoyed them ever since.

Things have changed quite a bit, but it is still not a true “skirted” world for men. I usually wear my skirts at home and if appropriate, for special occasion such as festivals, concerts, parties, etc. but usually not on a regular basis.