Thursday, April 8, 2010

Went to a Dinner Party in a Broomstick Skirt!

Dear readers and friends, I have to admit, even though I have worn skirts to concerts, festivals, etc. many times, I was a little nervous about this adventure. A female friend and some of her girlfriends were having a small, dinner party and invited me to attend.

I have not told my friend about my skirt wearing so I was a little reluctant to attend in a skirt, but decided to wear a skirt at the last moment. I decided on this new, turquoise broomstick skirt (see photo - BTW, those are not my feet :) that I just purchased. I carried along my Coach leather bag to hold my keys, cell phone, etc.

I was so nervous going to the doorway. My friend opened the door and her jaw nearly dropped to the floor. "Look at you in a skirt!" she half yelled/half laughed as her friends came running to the door. I got pulled inside and was turned around, pulled and tugged at until I started getting dizzy :).

I sat down at the table and soon found myself the center of attention for the rest of the evening (which I kind of enjoyed, actually). They asked me how many skirts I had, where I wore them, my favorite types - you name it - they asked me about it. Right about then, I noticed that out of the entire group (myself and four Ladies) I was the only one in a skirt! Maybe they had never seen a skirt before? :)

However the question I was asked most was simply "why?" and I explained for comfort. I was asked the same question so many times I guess they didn't believe my answer, but I repeated, "I feel very comfortable in a skirt, they are much more comfortable than pants."

We had a great conversation and they even gave me some skirt tips like smoothing out the skirt when I sat down. Before I left, my friend kidded me by asking if I wanted to borrow one of her skirts (she probably never wears them anyway :). But, yeah, it was a wonderful feeling to share my skirt wearing with my friends and I was a bit surprised on how quickly they seemed to accept it. They told me to come back in a skirt anytime...

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