Sunday, March 28, 2010

Welcome To Skirting Into The Future

This blog is all about fashion freedom. That means the freedom for men to wear the skirt or kilt of their choice. There are already many other excellent kilt and skirt blogs and websites on the internet. However, I wanted to offer my own experiences, opinions and support of men wearing kilts and skirts. Oh, I also don't try to take things too seriously, it's all about fun with fashion!

In addition to skirts,I will also feature other alternative clothing, accessories, etc. on this blog. I will be highlighting some of my favorite types of skirts regularly in the “Skirt of the Month” section. If you have a vote for “Skirt of the Month,” please let me know.

One reason for this blog, is the current growing popularity of men in skirts at contra dances. For me, this represents a positive trend of men opening up to the idea of wearing skirts. Skirts continue to be a popular fashion choice for some men at contra dances throughout the country which is very encouraging for a skirted future.

Most prefer long, swishy skirts in bright colors that billow out while they dance. The dancers as a group are usually very accepting of this style and even encourage men to bring along their skirts. Some even have vendors onsite to purchase a skirt at the dance.

I hope you enjoy “skirting into the future” and hope that you add your own comments and thoughts. If you have a kilt/skirt related blog or website, please let me know and I will try to add your link.

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