Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Went to a Party in a Skirt!

Ok, so I decided to wear this long, black broomstick skirt to a friend's party the other day. I was nervous because a number of friends haven't seen me in a skirt yet, but I thought this would be a good time to express myself.

As I walked in the room, I could feel the eyes on me and a couple of smiles from the women. My first question from a friend was "what's with the skirt?" and I just replied that "it is comfortable" and "I enjoy wearing them." A couple other friends gathered and asked what seemed like a million questions. I just smiled and held my ground. I told them I wore a long, flowing skirt to a recent Contra Dance and really enjoyed it, especially the comfort and flow.

It took awhile, but people began to loosen up a bit and one or two friends said they thought I was brave and that the skirt was cool. I felt self-conscious walking around with the skirt but after awhile I also began to give it less thought. Then a number of women came around and started commenting on my skirt. One said I looked cute in it, which was great! Another asked me where I got my skirt from and she recommended a couple of stores that sell broomstick skirts. I was that surprised that I was one of the only people wearing a skirt at the party. There was one girl that wore plaid kilt-like skirt, but I think that was it. Almost EVERYONE was wearing pants!

Although it was a bit uncomfortable experience for me, I'm glad I did it and feel more confident about myself. Next time should be much easier. BTW, I brought along my leather Coach bag to carry all my stuff in since I didn't have any pockets. But no-one even commented on my bag!

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