Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Skirt of the Month!

The Long, Black Skirt

This long, black cotton skirt is a classic and one of my favorites that never seems to go out of style. I began wearing one of these to goth concerts and clubs years ago. A long, black skirt like this used to be the choice for many goth guys at concerts and clubs.

These skirts are soft and very comfortable to wear. I still wear one often just relaxing around the house. The skirt looks great with an oversize sweater and boots. A leather jacket also looks great with this skirt. A true classic - I'll always have at least one of these skirts in my wardrobe.

More Guys in Skirts Video at a Contra Dance

Here is another Contra Dance video from Maine. This is a good intro to Contra Dancing if you are not already familiar with it. Contra Dancing is a lot of fun and consists of lots of spins and twirls. Again, there are two or three guys who show how much fun it is to dance in a flowing skirt. Most of the guys match their outfits simply by pairing their skirt with a t-shirt.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Went to a Party in a Skirt!

Ok, so I decided to wear this long, black broomstick skirt to a friend's party the other day. I was nervous because a number of friends haven't seen me in a skirt yet, but I thought this would be a good time to express myself.

As I walked in the room, I could feel the eyes on me and a couple of smiles from the women. My first question from a friend was "what's with the skirt?" and I just replied that "it is comfortable" and "I enjoy wearing them." A couple other friends gathered and asked what seemed like a million questions. I just smiled and held my ground. I told them I wore a long, flowing skirt to a recent Contra Dance and really enjoyed it, especially the comfort and flow.

It took awhile, but people began to loosen up a bit and one or two friends said they thought I was brave and that the skirt was cool. I felt self-conscious walking around with the skirt but after awhile I also began to give it less thought. Then a number of women came around and started commenting on my skirt. One said I looked cute in it, which was great! Another asked me where I got my skirt from and she recommended a couple of stores that sell broomstick skirts. I was that surprised that I was one of the only people wearing a skirt at the party. There was one girl that wore plaid kilt-like skirt, but I think that was it. Almost EVERYONE was wearing pants!

Although it was a bit uncomfortable experience for me, I'm glad I did it and feel more confident about myself. Next time should be much easier. BTW, I brought along my leather Coach bag to carry all my stuff in since I didn't have any pockets. But no-one even commented on my bag!

Skirted Thought for the Day

Men having been wearing skirts for thousands of years, but only in the last couple of hundred years began wearing pants. Stretched over the course of history, men have wore skirts much longer than pants. And in many parts of the world, men still wear various types of skirts. So why not now? I know it isn't for everyone, but those who choose skirts should be able to wear them without any stigma attached.

Skirts are a Twirlin' in this Fun Contra Dance Video

Here is another video from the Brattleboro Contra Dance in Maine. You'll see lots of dancers having fun twirling around in their skirts, and that includes a couple of guys as well.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Men are Wearing Skirts in France!

Cool video about skirt wearing men and skirt fashion in France...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Welcome To Skirting Into The Future

This blog is all about fashion freedom. That means the freedom for men to wear the skirt or kilt of their choice. There are already many other excellent kilt and skirt blogs and websites on the internet. However, I wanted to offer my own experiences, opinions and support of men wearing kilts and skirts. Oh, I also don't try to take things too seriously, it's all about fun with fashion!

In addition to skirts,I will also feature other alternative clothing, accessories, etc. on this blog. I will be highlighting some of my favorite types of skirts regularly in the “Skirt of the Month” section. If you have a vote for “Skirt of the Month,” please let me know.

One reason for this blog, is the current growing popularity of men in skirts at contra dances. For me, this represents a positive trend of men opening up to the idea of wearing skirts. Skirts continue to be a popular fashion choice for some men at contra dances throughout the country which is very encouraging for a skirted future.

Most prefer long, swishy skirts in bright colors that billow out while they dance. The dancers as a group are usually very accepting of this style and even encourage men to bring along their skirts. Some even have vendors onsite to purchase a skirt at the dance.

I hope you enjoy “skirting into the future” and hope that you add your own comments and thoughts. If you have a kilt/skirt related blog or website, please let me know and I will try to add your link.

"That's a Dude Wearing a Skirt"

Check out this Contra Dance video from Maine - they actually point out a couple of guys in skirts with text commentary in the video.

My First Contra Dance In A Long, Tiered Skirt!

I went to the local Contra Dance last week wearing the long, tiered skirt pictured. Contra Dance is a form of English Dancing and consists of lines of partners and lots of twirling and spinning. Many websites encourage men to wear skirts so I decided to give it a try.

I have worn a kilt before, but this is the first time in a long, tiered skirt and I was just a wee bit nervous. The women collecting money at the front desk greeted me and said "cute skirt!" She really made my night and put me at ease. It's amazing how a couple of kind words can boost your confidence. As I entered the hall I received a lot of looks and a couple smiles. I sat down for a second and before I knew it I was soon up dancing the first of many songs.

It took a while to get use to skirt and not to trip on the hem, but I soon got the hang of it. Most of the dances have live bands which sound great and lots of fun to listen to. You just follow the Caller's instructions to contra dance.

I was the only guy in a skirt this time which actually turned to be a good thing, because I got special attention. At alot of dances, the guys in skirts are recognized as being great dancers so they have a pretty good reputation. Some of my partners commented "I like your skirt!" and I even had a short conversation while sitting out a dance with an older woman. She told me that it was wonderful to see a guy in a skirt and hoped that I would wear it every time.

It was a fun time with lots of great people, fantastic music and lots of skirt twirling. I can't wait till next time!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Manly Men Should Wear Skirts

Here is a great article by Susan Quilty about her support for guys who wear skirts. She is so awesome for opening a dialog with over 200 comments...

Manly Men Should Wear Skirts

Friday, March 26, 2010

Places to Skirt

Renaissance Festivals

Visiting Renaissance festivals were a great way for me to gain confidence and pride in my early skirt wearing. Renaissance festivals are held throughout the county, usually in early summer and in the outdoors. Some even have kilt vendors on the premises as well. Many of the festival performers can be seen strolling the grounds in kilts so this is a great way to blend in easily.

The first time I wore a kilt to a festival I got a lot of great compliments all over the place and turned a number of heads. I look forward to wearing a kilt every year to the Renaissance festival. It was so comfortable in the hot sun with a breezy kilt.

Scottish Festivals

Scottish festivals are a fabulous place to show off the kilt. Kilted families can be seen walking the fairgrounds with everyone sporting the same family tartan. This is a great place to browse the vendor booths for a variety of styles of kilts for sale.

Some men swapping pants for dresses | The Japan Times Online

Some men swapping pants for dresses | The Japan Times Online

Skirts and Contra Dancing

Contra dances are in some ways, “skirt heaven.” The dances are based on traditional English, Scottish and Irish dances and are danced as a group or community. Many of the women wear “peasant skirts,” which are usually tiered and billow out beautifully as they dance. This includes a number of men as well. Dances will sometimes have a "Men in Skirts" theme, but even on regular nights, the people who attend the dances are usually known to be open minded.

There is usually a good ratio of Men in Skirts at most Contra Dances. Although there are times when no guys are wearing skirts. The skirt of choice for men at most of the dances around the country seems to be an ankle length peasant or broomstick skirt. Most of the time, men choose skirts in bright colors such as purple or red, and some even go for a floral pattern. Some prefer to dance in kilts. I have visited a number of Contra Dancing websites that featured skirted dancers and they encourage men to bring along their skirt.

Some dance organizations hold dance weekend festivals where some men go skirted the entire time. How many wear them outside the dances remains to be seen, but at least they get to experience the freedom and comfort of a skirt while at the dance. Hopefully this will carry over into their everyday life. There are dances all around the country that happen on a regular basis and are a great opportunity to show off that new skirt. It is so much fun to twirl around in a long, tiered skirt!

Skirting at a Contra Dance

In this video, there are a number of guys wearing a variety of skirts while dancing.

Buying a Skirt for the First Time

Buying a skirt the first time for me was a bit nerve-wracking. A friend of mine really encouraged me to get myself into a skirt. She kept telling me how good I look in a skirt after wearing one on Halloween. So, one day I went to a Thrift Store and went straight to the skirt section looking for my first skirt.

I was amazed at the amount of styles and colors of the skirts on the rack. I finally picked out a red, plaid (kilt-like) skirt. I thought it was easier to begin with something that resembled a kilt, which seems to be more accepted than a regular skirt. Buying the skirt during Halloween made it even easier.

The hem reached just below the knees and it fastened on the side. It was different from a traditional kilt in that the pleats went all the way around the skirt. Kilts traditionally have a flat apron in the front and pleats in the back.

While ringing up, the only comment from the cashier was “nice skirt” which added to my confidence. The good thing about thrift stores is that if you get the wrong fit, you won’t drop a lot of money.

Now I make frequent visits to see what’s new on the racks. I have picked up a lot of really great looking broomstick sticks and long, black cotton skirts. Sure you get the occasional looks and comments but it is all worth it when you find a great bargain on a cute skirt.

Why a skirt?

As a guy, I guess the first question I am usually asked is, “Why a Skirt?” To be honest, I just feel that they are very comfortable and “breathable” for me than pants or shorts. I have heard women around me in my life saying they felt too restrictive in a skirt. However, I feel that is the exact opposite for me. To me, it is like finally opening the windows of hot car after many years and feeling the breeze cool you off as you speed down the highway. Pure comfort…

Besides, there are not many fashion choices for men. For pants, it’s usually jeans or khakis. Country or Western. Sometimes, I just really don’t feel like dressing exactly the same as everyone else and enjoy having some fun taking liberties with fashion. The amount of styles of kilts and skirts is mindboggling (to say the least) and you could probably wear a different style everyday for the rest of your life and never repeat the same kilt/skirt.

I grew up with a sweater or jacket tied around my waist most of my youth. Very few days passed when I didn’t have a sweater tied loosely around my waist. Even then, I would get the occasional “nice skirt” comment from girls. Then, a friend of mine encouraged me to wear a skirt for the first time during Halloween and I have enjoyed them ever since.

Things have changed quite a bit, but it is still not a true “skirted” world for men. I usually wear my skirts at home and if appropriate, for special occasion such as festivals, concerts, parties, etc. but usually not on a regular basis.