Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hot Places to Skirt:: Goth Clubs

Goth clubs are an excellent place for guys to wear skirts. My first time I went to a Goth club, I was fascinated by both the clothing and the dark music. I noted immediately that men and women really went out of their way to dress up in all kinds of combinations of vinyl, leather and velvet fabrics - but almost always in black. Everyone there broke from tradition, and I loved it!

Right from the start, I noticed a number of guys in long, black skirts - some wearing eyeliner and lipstick. One guys was wearing an ankle-length vinyl skirt and the women wear literally crawling all over him. A couple of guys were wearing plaid skirts. Many women were wearing beautiful Victorian dresses or vinyl pants and looked gorgeous! The whole club had an atmosphere of openness and fashion freedom that I immediately wanted to become a part of.

The next time I went, was actually the first time I wore a skirt out in public, besides Halloween. I wore a long, black cotton skirt that a female friend bought for me. I was a bit nervous until I walked in the front door because the the guy checking IDs was wearing a black skirt too! Inside the club, there were a number of guys wearing skirts and even one in a black dress. I was so comfortable in my skirt, I stayed until closing. I received a number of compliments from female goths like "I like your skirt," etc. It really helped build confidence on my first night out. Over the years, I went to out to Goth clubs many times in a black skirt and had a wonderful experience. Goth Club are definitely a Hot Place to Skirt!

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