Friday, March 26, 2010

Places to Skirt

Renaissance Festivals

Visiting Renaissance festivals were a great way for me to gain confidence and pride in my early skirt wearing. Renaissance festivals are held throughout the county, usually in early summer and in the outdoors. Some even have kilt vendors on the premises as well. Many of the festival performers can be seen strolling the grounds in kilts so this is a great way to blend in easily.

The first time I wore a kilt to a festival I got a lot of great compliments all over the place and turned a number of heads. I look forward to wearing a kilt every year to the Renaissance festival. It was so comfortable in the hot sun with a breezy kilt.

Scottish Festivals

Scottish festivals are a fabulous place to show off the kilt. Kilted families can be seen walking the fairgrounds with everyone sporting the same family tartan. This is a great place to browse the vendor booths for a variety of styles of kilts for sale.

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