Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Carrying a Bag While Wearing a Skirt!

Welcome back friends! In this post, I'm going to write about an essential and stylish accessory for guys like us who wear skirts. It didn't take me long when I started wearing skirts to find that I had to get something to hold my stuff in when I go out, since none of my skirts have pockets. Call it a Man Bag, Murse, Handbag - what have you, I just call it "my bag."

Once I discovered the convenience of keeping all my "stuff" in one place (keys, cell phone, I-Pod, sunglasses, etc) I began carrying my bag even when I wasn't wearing a skirt. The Starbucks laptop culture has made bags pretty acceptable for men for a couple of years now. It is very common to see men wearing bags across the USA and most of Europe and Japan as well. They come in many different fabrics, sizes and styles - so you have to figure out which will work for you.

I have a couple bags right now but my favorite is a buttery-soft Coach leather shoulder bag. As a bonus for investing in a higher-end bag like Coach or Louis Vuitton - you WILL get nice compliments from fashionable ladies who recognize style and quality. I have had a number of ladies say "cute bag" or "LOVE that Coach Handbag!" while carrying my Coach bag.

But beware faithful readers - Bags are addictive and you may end up with a small collection before you know it. However, some of the higher-end bags can be purchased on sites like E-bay for a fraction of the cost.

I've got my eye right now on this bag from Club Monaco (see photo above) for a couple hundred bucks. I bet I can find one slightly used for much less. But what do you think? Like it or not? I think it is awesome!


  1. I actually own a large collection of designer purses, while also being a straight guy with a baby on the way. I love wearing Coach and Louis Vuitton, but I'm often put off by people's stares and comments. Power to the men wearing purses out there, keep it up! Nothing feels quite like getting complemented on your cute Coach bag.

  2. Awesome! Some of my favorite purses are from Coach - I love the variety and the attention to detail. I now wear a purse every time I go out shopping. I've received very positive comments from women about my purses.