Friday, March 26, 2010

Buying a Skirt for the First Time

Buying a skirt the first time for me was a bit nerve-wracking. A friend of mine really encouraged me to get myself into a skirt. She kept telling me how good I look in a skirt after wearing one on Halloween. So, one day I went to a Thrift Store and went straight to the skirt section looking for my first skirt.

I was amazed at the amount of styles and colors of the skirts on the rack. I finally picked out a red, plaid (kilt-like) skirt. I thought it was easier to begin with something that resembled a kilt, which seems to be more accepted than a regular skirt. Buying the skirt during Halloween made it even easier.

The hem reached just below the knees and it fastened on the side. It was different from a traditional kilt in that the pleats went all the way around the skirt. Kilts traditionally have a flat apron in the front and pleats in the back.

While ringing up, the only comment from the cashier was “nice skirt” which added to my confidence. The good thing about thrift stores is that if you get the wrong fit, you won’t drop a lot of money.

Now I make frequent visits to see what’s new on the racks. I have picked up a lot of really great looking broomstick sticks and long, black cotton skirts. Sure you get the occasional looks and comments but it is all worth it when you find a great bargain on a cute skirt.

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