Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shakira on American Idol: "I recommended him to wear a skirt, but he refused."

Shakira looked stunning and gorgeous in her long, red peasant skirt during a recent appearance on American Idol. She sang "Gypsy" with Rascal Flatts and showed how to really work a skirt in true flamenco style. Afterward in the video, Ryan Seacrest asks Rascal Flatts what it was like to "move his hips" with her. Then Shakira interrupts and says,"I recommended him to wear a skirt, but he refused." Ryan adds, "I'm sure he has one." I'm sure they were both kidding around in good fun, but it was awesome just the same. Enjoy the video!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Having Fun Dancing in a Skirt

Another dance, another bunch of guys having fun in skirts. Check out the mixture of interesting skirts these guys are wearing in this Contra Dance Video.

Interview with Skirt Wearing Contra Dancer

Here is a fun link to an interview with a gent about wearing skirts to Contra Dances in Buffalo, NY - everything from skirt length to accessories is answered here.

Here is a sample:
  1. So why do you wear a skirt?

  2. (a) Why should girls have all of the fun?
    (b) Why do women wear slacks?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Skirts Are More Comfortable Than Pants...

In the Contra Dance Wiki article -" guys in skirts" are mentioned...

"At most dances, no special outfits are worn, but "peasant skirts" or other full, lightweight skirts are popular, as these have a very pretty effect when swinging or twirling and some dancers —including some men— find them more comfortable to dance in than pants."

For the whole intro to Contra Dancing, click here.

Skirting The Night Away At A Contra Dance

A handful of guys in skirts in another awesome Contra Dance video.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

H & M Introduces A Men's Skirt In Their Spring 2010 Collection

H & M stores are introducing a Men's Skirt in their Spring 2010 fashion line. The photos show a pleated black skirt that looks rather comfy. I'm not sure of the cost but I will keep a lookout in the stores and find out if they are also including the leggings as pictured.

It's great to see one retail store stepping forward and offering an alternative to the dull world of khakis and jean for men. Now it's time for the other stores to move forward with this fashion trend and offer more alternatives.

Check out this link for more info.

Men's Skirt Day is May 15th - Get Your Skirt On

May 15th is Men's Skirt Day!

Men's Skirt Day is coming up... It's time to show off our skirts, kilts and sarongs and just say no to "trouser tyranny." I'm looking through my skirts to find the perfect skirt for this awesome day. It's time to show off our skirts with pride!

Here is a quote from the Men's Skirt Day Facebook Page:

"I therefore propose that to fight for our rights, Saturday 15th May will be Men's Skirt Day! Wear your favourite kilt/sarong/skirt with pride and reclaim our rights!"

Read more at the Facebook group

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hot Places to Skirt:: Goth Clubs

Goth clubs are an excellent place for guys to wear skirts. My first time I went to a Goth club, I was fascinated by both the clothing and the dark music. I noted immediately that men and women really went out of their way to dress up in all kinds of combinations of vinyl, leather and velvet fabrics - but almost always in black. Everyone there broke from tradition, and I loved it!

Right from the start, I noticed a number of guys in long, black skirts - some wearing eyeliner and lipstick. One guys was wearing an ankle-length vinyl skirt and the women wear literally crawling all over him. A couple of guys were wearing plaid skirts. Many women were wearing beautiful Victorian dresses or vinyl pants and looked gorgeous! The whole club had an atmosphere of openness and fashion freedom that I immediately wanted to become a part of.

The next time I went, was actually the first time I wore a skirt out in public, besides Halloween. I wore a long, black cotton skirt that a female friend bought for me. I was a bit nervous until I walked in the front door because the the guy checking IDs was wearing a black skirt too! Inside the club, there were a number of guys wearing skirts and even one in a black dress. I was so comfortable in my skirt, I stayed until closing. I received a number of compliments from female goths like "I like your skirt," etc. It really helped build confidence on my first night out. Over the years, I went to out to Goth clubs many times in a black skirt and had a wonderful experience. Goth Club are definitely a Hot Place to Skirt!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Skirting the Night Away at Another Contra Dance!

Lots of guys twirlin' in their skirts in this Contra Dance video at NEFFA.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Went to a Dinner Party in a Broomstick Skirt!

Dear readers and friends, I have to admit, even though I have worn skirts to concerts, festivals, etc. many times, I was a little nervous about this adventure. A female friend and some of her girlfriends were having a small, dinner party and invited me to attend.

I have not told my friend about my skirt wearing so I was a little reluctant to attend in a skirt, but decided to wear a skirt at the last moment. I decided on this new, turquoise broomstick skirt (see photo - BTW, those are not my feet :) that I just purchased. I carried along my Coach leather bag to hold my keys, cell phone, etc.

I was so nervous going to the doorway. My friend opened the door and her jaw nearly dropped to the floor. "Look at you in a skirt!" she half yelled/half laughed as her friends came running to the door. I got pulled inside and was turned around, pulled and tugged at until I started getting dizzy :).

I sat down at the table and soon found myself the center of attention for the rest of the evening (which I kind of enjoyed, actually). They asked me how many skirts I had, where I wore them, my favorite types - you name it - they asked me about it. Right about then, I noticed that out of the entire group (myself and four Ladies) I was the only one in a skirt! Maybe they had never seen a skirt before? :)

However the question I was asked most was simply "why?" and I explained for comfort. I was asked the same question so many times I guess they didn't believe my answer, but I repeated, "I feel very comfortable in a skirt, they are much more comfortable than pants."

We had a great conversation and they even gave me some skirt tips like smoothing out the skirt when I sat down. Before I left, my friend kidded me by asking if I wanted to borrow one of her skirts (she probably never wears them anyway :). But, yeah, it was a wonderful feeling to share my skirt wearing with my friends and I was a bit surprised on how quickly they seemed to accept it. They told me to come back in a skirt anytime...

More Guys in Skirts Contra Dancing

There may be a bunch of dust falling at this dance, but there are plenty of skirts in this video. I can't wait to put on my long skirt and go out Contra Dancing again!

FASHION JAPAN: Men Go For Skirts

"Japanese men are finally breaking through one of the few remaining fashion taboos: men wearing skirts and dresses."

Congrats to Japanese guys for taking a fashion step forward and putting on a skirt! I can relate to the comment about wrapping a shirt around the waist like a skirt. I used to do this all the time when I was young before I found the comfort of skirts...

Here is the rest of the article. Follow the link from
FASHION JAPAN: Men Go For Skirts

Skirt Count!

Men (and women) can have fun at Conta Dance by shouting "Skirt Count!" during "Hands Four" (two sets of partners circling around in circle). Skirts are counted and then shouted back - "3 Skirts! or "4 Skirts!," etc. These days, you'll probably see more skirts (on men and women) than anywhere else. The reason? Skirts are so much to twirl and spin with!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Count the Guys in Skirts!

Looks like a lot of fun! Count how many guys there are in skirts in this Contra Dance video from the Pigtown Fling in Cincinnati. Comment and let me know how many guys in skirts you find!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Men's Skirt Day - May 15th

Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 15th, which is the "unofficial" official Men's Skirt Day! A great time to show your pride in wearing a skirt. There is already a Men's Skirt group on Facebook and don't forget the awesome forum, where men and women discuss all types of topics of guys in skirts.

More info coming soon...

Carrying a Bag While Wearing a Skirt!

Welcome back friends! In this post, I'm going to write about an essential and stylish accessory for guys like us who wear skirts. It didn't take me long when I started wearing skirts to find that I had to get something to hold my stuff in when I go out, since none of my skirts have pockets. Call it a Man Bag, Murse, Handbag - what have you, I just call it "my bag."

Once I discovered the convenience of keeping all my "stuff" in one place (keys, cell phone, I-Pod, sunglasses, etc) I began carrying my bag even when I wasn't wearing a skirt. The Starbucks laptop culture has made bags pretty acceptable for men for a couple of years now. It is very common to see men wearing bags across the USA and most of Europe and Japan as well. They come in many different fabrics, sizes and styles - so you have to figure out which will work for you.

I have a couple bags right now but my favorite is a buttery-soft Coach leather shoulder bag. As a bonus for investing in a higher-end bag like Coach or Louis Vuitton - you WILL get nice compliments from fashionable ladies who recognize style and quality. I have had a number of ladies say "cute bag" or "LOVE that Coach Handbag!" while carrying my Coach bag.

But beware faithful readers - Bags are addictive and you may end up with a small collection before you know it. However, some of the higher-end bags can be purchased on sites like E-bay for a fraction of the cost.

I've got my eye right now on this bag from Club Monaco (see photo above) for a couple hundred bucks. I bet I can find one slightly used for much less. But what do you think? Like it or not? I think it is awesome!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Men in Skirts: A Contra Dance!

Here is a flyer for Country Dance New York of their "Men in Skirts: A Contra Dance." They state "see how much fun it is to dance in a skirt. Check out your twirling skirt as you do-si-do or swing your partner." Some Contra Dance organizations across the country are starting to have an occasional "Men in Skirts" dance to encourage men to try dancing in a skirt.

I posted about my recent experience wearing a three-tiered flowing skirt to a Contra Dance. It is so much fun to twirl and spin in a long skirt. I got smiles all around and plenty of partners to dance with.