Friday, March 26, 2010

Skirts and Contra Dancing

Contra dances are in some ways, “skirt heaven.” The dances are based on traditional English, Scottish and Irish dances and are danced as a group or community. Many of the women wear “peasant skirts,” which are usually tiered and billow out beautifully as they dance. This includes a number of men as well. Dances will sometimes have a "Men in Skirts" theme, but even on regular nights, the people who attend the dances are usually known to be open minded.

There is usually a good ratio of Men in Skirts at most Contra Dances. Although there are times when no guys are wearing skirts. The skirt of choice for men at most of the dances around the country seems to be an ankle length peasant or broomstick skirt. Most of the time, men choose skirts in bright colors such as purple or red, and some even go for a floral pattern. Some prefer to dance in kilts. I have visited a number of Contra Dancing websites that featured skirted dancers and they encourage men to bring along their skirt.

Some dance organizations hold dance weekend festivals where some men go skirted the entire time. How many wear them outside the dances remains to be seen, but at least they get to experience the freedom and comfort of a skirt while at the dance. Hopefully this will carry over into their everyday life. There are dances all around the country that happen on a regular basis and are a great opportunity to show off that new skirt. It is so much fun to twirl around in a long, tiered skirt!

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