Monday, January 3, 2011

For Those About to Skirt - We Salute You!

I hope the New Year is full of new skirt wearers! I know buying and wearing a skirt for the first time can be nerve wracking at first. Take your time and find a style you are comfortable in and if your planning on wearing it to a dance, a light material is recommended.

Guys can purchase their first skirt at a thrift store with little problems or comments. Many contra dances also have skirts for sale on-site. Or maybe a friend may have one that she will let lend... either way, once you have your skirt, wear it around the house and when you feel comfortable - it's time to wear it to a contra dance!

Contra dances happen all over the country and are one of the most skirt-friendly places for a guy to go skirted. I created this blog to show the skirt-wearing community is strong and growing, particularly at Contra Dances. Some dances are even featuring "Men in Skirts" themed-dances.

I was a bit nervous the first time I wore a three-tiered skirt to a contra dance so I brought a handbag and changed when I got there. The most popular skirts are the long, flowy type and anything goes for colors and designs. You will probably see a kilt or two as well at a Contra Dance.

Some dancers just wear their skirts over their pants. Most of the time when you go skirted, you probably will not even get a comment, but some smiles and appreciative nods from the ladies. Hopefully, there are a couple more skirted guys in attendance to give you a confidence boost. But don't worry if there are not, the women seem to appreciate men in skirts and sometimes will give you comments like "nice skirt!"

You'll see how much fun it is dance in a swirly skirt and may find yourself shopping for your next skirt soon after.

Have fun with fashion and enjoy a skirted New Year!

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  1. Hi Skirty:
    I made the same experience like you, just very nice comments and sometimes a little new ideas to talk about like how to iron pleats that they stay longer, etc. People much nicer and friendlier - and I am not a contra dancer.