Monday, February 21, 2011

Coach Bags Are a Man's Best Friend

As I said before, if you wear skirts anywhere besides the house, you are probably going to need a bag to keep all your keys, cell phone, etc. Coach makes some great bags for Men and of course, have a huge selection of Women's bags. Though they are pricey, the quality is proven and they are designed to last a lifetime.

The one pictured is a Coach Harrison Leather Satchel. You can shoulder sling, hand carry or sling it cross body - so it fits a variety of styles. The neutral color makes it easy to wear with all types of skirts.
Definitely one of my favorites from Coach.

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  1. Coach bags are a man's best friend! I just bought a bunch of new Coach purses, some that match my girlfriends, some in extraordinary leathers. All women's bags, but I love it. I love carrying around a Coach purse, and it's so handy having space to carry everything I could need.